The media brand of Mars Blockchain – Mars Media officially launched

Mars Media grasps the latest market pulsations

Experts from various industries are always ready to provide insights and  instant messages


          Keep up with the blockchain? Imagine a world where you can use your mobile phone to participate in elections, you can buy a house in a few hours, or there with no cash at all, which is the future of the blockchain. Future blockchains will be applied to any field and have a great impact on human life. However, blockchain applications are broadly divided into: probative certificates, smart contracts, internet of things, authentication, forecasting markets, asset trading, e-commerce. , social communication, archive storage, data API (application programming interface), etc.


Mars Media provides real-time information to let readers grasp the market pulse

          Founded in 2018 , Mars Media adheres to the enthusiasm and original intention of the development and application of blockchain technology. With a positive attitude and concept, it is expected to become a blockchain media leader to provide first-hand related industry news. In addition, the effect of the media allows users who have already learned about the on-chain application technology to obtain the required information more quickly, and educate those who do not understand the application technology of the regional on-chain to educate them about the on chain of the district. Application and what is the on chain of the district.


Professional consultants from various industries provide a comprehensive feedback on industry information

        As the media, it is important to pass on the correct information. Therefore, in the future, Mars Media will invite relevant experts from the blockchains of the industry and academic to conduct industry column and industry issues interviews, and even organize regional fast-track related reading clubs and forums. The application technology of the district on chain and the changes brought about by human society can be quickly and correctly distributed to the people.