Application field

Stable coin - 1SG

As a global financial hub, Singapore has looked into unlocking the potential growth of blockchain technology. 1SG seeks to make seamless transactions by pegging one 1SG token to one Singapore dollar.

  • 1SG is the first truly spendable stablecoin in the world
  • 1SG is secure, stable and accessible
  • 1SG facilitates cross border transactions
  • 1SG is audited by an independent audit firm

Digital Currency Wallet – Mars Wallet

Mars Wallet is a professional digital asset wallet and an important node in Mars blockchain group’s ecosystem. We strive to create high-security and easy-to-use wallet. Our wallet supports custodian and exchanges of digital assets.

Digital currency exchange

Providing safe and fast digital currency exchange services to users around the world. In order to make the currency more transparent, the Mars Blockchain Group will launch a stable coin, providing stability and effectively reduce the audit time, and at the same time, the full legal reserve fund can avoid the risk of potential security and centralized exchange.

Mars mining technology

The industry includes three main parts, mining machine research and development, mine resource layout and computing securitization.

Intellectual property chain

IPXChain (Intellectual Property Chain) is based on independent research and development of public chain, combined with lightning network technology to achieve data storage, data interaction and fast transactions.

Mars media

Mars Media is a new platform which consolidates blockchain knowledge, market updates and news. Our “Blockchain Encyclopedia” provides holistic information to entrepreneurs, investors and explorers in the blockchain industry.

Digital asset management

To provide the best quality blockchain investment assets for global users, activate users’ digital assets, open up digital asset distribution channels, and open up new wealth management in the blockchain era.

Mars Blockchain international advisory committee

The establishment of an international advisory committee will accelerate the ecological development of the industry, provide advice and suggestions for the development of the blockchain industry, and accelerate the arrival of the blockchain era.