Mars Blockchain Taiwan Technology Center officially opened

Mars Blockchain Taiwan Technology Center enters Xinyi District


          Following the 2000 after the Internet bubble, the network industry in Taiwan go hard, many people said block chain is ” Internet 2.0 “, this block chain technology as the sun rises again, its decentralized, non-tampering features, it seems All the problems encountered in the blockchain can be solved. Taiwan has many excellent engineers and technical talents. In recent years, many blockchain startups have also developed in Taiwan. With the demand for blockchain market growth, technical engineers in related fields are thirsty.


The Mars blockchain entered the A -level business office in Xinyi District and attracted 200technical engineers.

          Mars block chain companies in Taiwan 2018 Nian 8 was established, and this month (10 Yue )official stationed in a business office in Nanshan District, Taipei Square, in order to improve the development of related technology application and development block chain, for the first time large-scale The band recruits 200 blockchain related technical engineers, and their engineers’ annual salary is NT$ 1.5 million. The number of talents recruited in this wave can be said to be a rare recruitment plan for large talents in Taiwan in recent years. Block Chain Co., Ltd. Personnel Supervisor: Recruitment and selection is to select potential employees of the company, and the effective recruitment of personnel is to match the personal characteristics ( capabilities, experience, etc. ) of the employees with the job requirements. The current recruitment ratio has been Up to 40%, we believe that the goal of recruiting talents in the first band can be completed before the end of the year.



Global blockchain ecological leader is committed to the development and operation of the entire industry chain

          In the era of the rise of the blockchain, the Mars Blockchain Group is determined to become the global leader in the blockchain ecology, and is committed to the development and operation of the blockchain ecological industry chain. In addition, the Mars Blockchain Group will strive to be in 2022  . Previous listings in the Nasdaq, Hong Kong or Singapore markets have taken advantage of this as an opportunity to provide greater support for blockchain and even human society.


Mars Blockchain(台湾)office’s photo