Mars Blockchain Singapore Operations Center officially unveiled

Mars Blockchain Singapore Operations Center established

Cross international consultant experts 
For blockchain and bring new trend of the industry into practice


          Singapore is one of the world’s leading financial centers, with many advantages of digital currency, and the Singapore government has greatly supported technological companies and created a regulatory environment conducive for the blockchain industry, not only promoting Singapore’s blockchain. The blockchain industry develops steadily and at the same time plays a leading role in the development of blockchain on a global scale. From the current four aspects of the development of the blockchain industry in Singapore; the development advantages, status quo and trends of the blockchain industry, the blockchain project is booming here, with the total number of projects accounting for 8% of the world , ranking third, and the ecological distribution of the industry. Expanded, the number of project code contributions continues to rise, and digital currency applications have been extended to offline consumption scenarios.


Provide the most timely and effective advice across international expert consultants

          With the establishment of Singapore Mars Blockchain Co., Ltd., the company has simultaneously established the world’s first international advisory committee on the Mars Blockchain, which provides consulting services for blockchain-related industries. Its advisory committees include Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is expected that the composition of the experts in the aboriginal academic community will provide the most complete and professional consulting and services in the blockchain, whether it is technology, regulations or market.


The world’s latest blockchain leader realizes blockchain technology to implement life application

          The mission of Mars Blockchain Group is not only to promote blockchain technology, but to vigorously develop the core technology of blockchain to continuously develop commercial applications to meet the market demand, expand the ecological and commercial foundation, and build WeChat and Alipay in the digital asset world. The application of blockchain technology has made the world more trusting, and truly achieves equality, freedom, trust, and the public to create a better life. The Mars Blockchain Group will strive to complete its listing in the Nasdaq, Hong Kong or Singapore markets by  2022  , and use this as an opportunity to provide greater assistance to the development of blockchains and even human society.