Mars Blockchain International Advisory Committee (preparation)

The development trend of the blockchain is global. The UK has already listed the blockchain as a national strategy. The Singapore Central Bank has supported a blockchain-based recording systemin 2015. Japan is currently leading the blockchain. . R3CEV is the first business alliance established to create distributed ledger applications. Currently, R3CEV has more than 50 members including Citigroup, Morgan, Fuguo and Standard Chartered . At present, China Distributed General Ledger Basic Agreement Alliance, China Blockchain Application Research Center, and Financial Blockchain Alliance have been established to promote the research and cooperation of blockchain industry.Following the blockchain is officially listed in the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” national informationization plan, blockchain technology research is already at the best trigger point.


Mars blockchain Guangnai production and government experts as the development and application of blockchain

The blockchain is still in the early stage of industry development. In order to generate project benefits as soon as possible, it is hoped that through the establishment of the blockchain advisory committee, the future development of the Mars blockchain group will be promoted. In addition, its blockchain application technology will focus on digital currency issuance, intellectual property (IP)chain, exchange business, mining industry and currency asset management. The Mars Blockchain International Advisory Committee mainly consults and consults, and recruits celebrities from the political, business, and scientific circles to grasp the relevant regulations of the blockchain, thereby promoting the rational application of blockchain technology to comprehensively enhance the Group’s industry. Talk and popularity


Global blockchain ecological leader is committed to the development and operation of the entire industry chain

In the era of the rise of the blockchain, the Mars Blockchain Group is determined to become the global leader in the blockchain ecology, and is committed to the development and operation of the blockchain ecological industry chain. In addition, the Mars Blockchain Group will strive to be in 2022  . Previous listings in the Nasdaq, Hong Kong or Singapore markets have taken advantage of this as an opportunity to provide greater support for blockchain and even human society.