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The Mars Blockchain Group has an innovative and passionate team. The pursuit of innovation is our spirit, vigorous is our vitality, the management team has a solid management, investment background and rich experience at home and abroad. All of us at Mars Blockchain know that talent is the main force in the future blockchain industry. We are happy to choose you who are eager to change the world and write a new chapter in the blockchain industry. We are always willing to advance with you in blockchain.

Web front-end developer

  • Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for front-end development of the website according to requirements, write high-quality, maintainable code, and write relevant technical documents.
    2. Participate in the front-end overall architecture design and build an efficient and reusable front-end system and abstraction layer.
    3. Responsible for the maintenance and management of online systems to ensure stable operation of the system.
    4. Continuously optimize existing products, increase system speed, stability and scalability, and continuously improve the user experience.
    5. Work with UI designers and daemon engineers to achieve UI implementations of design interactions with high efficiency and quality.
  • job requirements:
    1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related, more than 3 years front-end development experience.
    2. Proficient in front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, etc., familiar with a high-level language (such as Java, Python, Go) in addition to JavaScript.
    3. Experience in website front-end architecture, performance optimization, development efficiency, and stability.
    4. Good troubleshooting, unit testing and error correction process experience.
    5. The knowledge and experience of NoSQL, NodeJS or ReactJS is very welcome.

Advanced server operation and maintenance engineer

  • Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the company's application platform basic operating environment construction and daily maintenance, capacity management.
    2. Server and network planning, monitoring, data backup, log analysis, troubleshooting, performance tuning, etc.
    3. The daily maintenance of the existing platform, online fault implementation, problem analysis, to ensure the normal operation of the system.
    4. Research operation and maintenance related technologies, and customize operation and maintenance technical solutions according to system requirements.
    5. Cooperate with product and technical personnel to solve business-related problems
    6. Analysis and summary and report according to relevant monitoring operation data.
  • job requirements:
    1. Has more than 3 years of equivalent work experience.
    2. Computer and related majors, college degree or above.
    3. Familiar with the maintenance and daily management of the Linux operating system, you can perform performance tuning, locate faults, and handle services.
    4. Proficient in shell programming, proficient in awk, sed, grep, strace, tcudump, gdb and other common commands.
    5. Familiar with the website B / S development structure, familiar with the commonly used B / S structure software under linux apache, tomcat, squid, mysql, lvs, ngnix, etc. use and tuning configuration.
    6. Familiar with the installation, configuration, management and maintenance of Zabbix, chef operation and maintenance monitoring and configuration management software.

Operation and Maintenance Engineer

  • Job Responsibilities:
    1. The company's internal network, daily maintenance of applications, technical assessment and project implementation, including PCs, printers, network switches / routers / firewalls, network behavior management systems.
    2. Daily inspection, monitoring, operation and maintenance analysis of the company's internal information systems and facilities.
    3. Responsible for resource allocation and system security and data backup for each server.
    4. Server AD configuration maintenance, DHCP server configuration and maintenance.
    5. Huawei, cisco and other mainstream router configuration and settings. MS SQLserver, oracle and other database configuration.
    6. Installation, setup and use of mainstream applications.
    7. Installation and maintenance of window and MAC system, and can determine the cause of the problem and solve the problem.
  • job requirements:
    1. Have more than 1 year relevant experience, familiar with the maintenance of Linux operating system, h3c, cisco, Huawei network engineer certification.
    2. Familiar with the configuration and use of Nginx+MySQL+PHP.
    3. Familiar with the use of monitoring software such as Cacti and Nagios.
    4. It is especially good to understand shell programming and familiar with scripting languages ​​such as Perl and Python.
    5. Have strong learning ability, love system management, have a high sense of responsibility, and like to study system management related skills.

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