About Mars

The Mars Blockchain Group Is An Enterprise Group Determined To Be The Global Leader In Blockchain Innovation. It Is Committed To The Innovation And Development Of The Underlying Technology Of Blockchain, The Development And Operation Of Commercial Applications, The Operation Of Digital Assets, The Mining Industry And The Blockchain Consulting, Etc.

the Company's Shareholders Include Singapore's Well-known Network Technology Companies, Taiwan’s Technology Listed Companies And Other Well-known Equity Investment Fund Companies. It Is Headquartered In Singapore And currently Has Wholly-owned Branches And Technical Support Centers In Taipei, Hong Kong And Shenzhen.

Advisors Team

Team Advantage

Diversified blockchain service technology

Integrate a number of financial, commercial, and personal blockchain service technologies, and provide a comprehensive blockchain application integration platform to provide a convenient and smooth user experience.

Professional blockchain application / technical consultation

With professional and diversified blockchain application and technical knowledge, we provide you with comprehensive suggestions and technical support for the development of the blockchain industry.

Complete blockchain information integration

Provide you with the latest information on the global blockchain market to help you understand the future direction of the blockchain, so as to facilitate your subsequent operation in the blockchain industry.

Because of professionalism, trust

Navigator for blockchain applications

In the early days of the development of blockchain applications, we are determined to become the leader in the industry, developing blockchain technology in various fields.
  • Have a professional blockchain consultant team
  • Assist in the development of blockchain applications in various fields
  • Continuous and advanced technology research and development
  • Integrate financial, business, and personal use platforms
  • Provide blockchain application/technology related consultation